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March 7 2014 at 08:32

In antediluvian times – I speak of last month – we, in Gauteng, were happy with our idyllic climate. We were having our usual totally reliable and glorious summer – a 15-minute storm every afternoon at 4.15pm followed by a balmy evening.

This week the system broke down.

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March 3 2014 at 09:46

I have received a query from Michelle Kane, a Pietermaritzburg reader. Addressing me by my first name, she wrote:

Dear Sir,

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February 28 2014 at 08:12

I have received an impassioned plea from Barbara Hutchison of Joburg asking me – nay, frantically begging me – to recall “any reasons why anybody should be happy about turning 60”.

While Barbara acknowledges that reaching 60 is better than the alternative, she is obviously seeking solace.

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February 24 2014 at 09:16

Many parts of the country have experienced the wettest of summers and some, the warmest.

Across the rest of the world, from Germiston’s Dinwiddie to Beijing’s southern suburbs the weather has been doing strange things.

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February 21 2014 at 09:11

Psychologists say women are generally more articulate than men and anthropologists suggest it’s because women developed language.

In our dawn days women had all the time in the world to practise talking because they were usually together picking berries, cooking meat and looking after kids who never had to bath or have their noses wiped.

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